Board of Education Recognition     February 20, 2017
Gardner Park Elementary students recognized for reciting the Pledge of Allegiance
The Board of Education recognized Gardner Park Elementary students Sarah Bell and Camryn Massey for leading the Pledge of Allegiance. Each student received an American flag lapel pin from Board member Lee Dedmon.  They are pictured with principal Jaime Wallace. The two students were part of the school's team that won the annual "Are You Smarter Than A Gaston County Fifth Grader?" competition. 
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Gaston County Schools Bus Transportation Department honored   
The Board of Education recognized the Gaston County Schools Transportation Department for receiving an outstanding inspection report from the North Carolina Department of Labor - Occupational Safety and Health Division. The Department of Labor found no violations of the state’s occupational safety regulations and health standards. Bus transportation employees Chris Lineberger, Pam Yager, Ricky Penland and director Paul Williams accepted a plaque from Board member Brent Moore.
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Department of Exceptional Children Business Partners honored   
The Board of Education recognized a group of community and business partners for their outstanding contributions to our Occupational Course of Study training and job shadowing program. Students in the program are required to have 225 hours of off-campus job shadowing and training, which is made possible through our partnerships with local businesses and organizations.  Students Ean Washle and Alexis Williams assisted with the presentation along with Board member Dot Guthrie. 
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School Boards Association Academy of School Boardsmanship
Board members Dot Guthrie and Lee Dedmon were honored by the North Carolina School Boards Association for obtaining “Certificate of Merit” level training for the 2015-2016 school year.  Board chairman Kevin Collier presented both of them with a certificate from the Academy for School Boardsmanship, which offers the professional training for Board of Education members. 
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Click here to view the Board of Education Recognition from February 6.
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