Stuart W. Cramer High School Update

June 13-18

A committee made up of middle school students who will attend the new Stuart W. Cramer High School chose “Storm” as the school’s mascot and silver, black and purple as the school colors.  The student committee’s recommendation will be presented at the Board of Education meeting on June 20. 


June 6-13

Construction of the new high school continues to move along on schedule. The Attendance Lines meetings for the new high school are complete and the committee is in the process of compiling input and suggestions from parents and other community leaders. This information will be given to the Board Operations Committee and the Board of Education to analyze in making decisions concerning changes in the first draft of the lines.  The student committee meetings to select the mascot and colors are underway and the goal is to have the new mascot and colors for Stuart Cramer selected by the end of June. 


 Board of Education approves name for new high school

The Gaston County Board of Education approved Stuart W. Cramer as the name for the new Gaston County high school scheduled to open in August, 2013.


 June 2011

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