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Parent Portal online program allows parents to monitor their child’s progress


Parents have access to grades, attendance, schedules and other important information


It’s here just for parents and involves only a few clicks of a mouse.  The PowerSchool Parent Portal is a convenient online program that makes it easy for parents to monitor their child’s academic progress.  The program is made available through the N.C. Department of Public Instruction.


Parents with children in Gaston County Schools (GCS) may use the Parent Portal to see grades, attendance, class schedules and other information.  It is an Internet-based resource that allows parents to track how well their child is doing in school. 

The Parent Portal is available now for parents to view attendance and other information.  By the first week of October, the Parent Portal will also include a gradebook section where parents can view grades and assignments. 


GCS is phasing in the gradebook feature over a five-week period to allow for time to train the district’s 1,800 teachers, who will post assignments and grades for parents to see.       


  • High Schools:  The gradebook will be available by the middle of September for parents with children in high school. 
  • Middle Schools:  The gradebook will be available by the end of September for parents with children in middle school. 
  • Elementary Schools:  The gradebook will be available by the beginning of October for parents with children in elementary school.


“The Parent Portal is an excellent program for parents to keep up with their child’s academic performance,” stated Superintendent L. Reeves McGlohon.  “Now more than ever, parents want quick and easy access to information and the Parent Portal makes it possible.  We encourage all parents to use the portal and to work closely with their child’s teacher(s) to ensure student success.”

Seven Important Questions and Answers about the Parent Portal


1.  What is the Parent Portal?  What is PowerSchool?


The Parent Portal is an Internet-based program that provides information to parents about their child’s academic performance.  It replaces the Parent Assistant program used last school year.  The Parent Portal is a part of PowerSchool, which is the state’s new computer system that stores information about students.


2.  Is the Parent Portal available now?


Yes, the Parent Portal is available now for parents’ use.  The gradebook section of the Parent Portal will be available for parents with high school children by mid-September, for parents with middle school children by the end of September, and for parents with elementary school children by the beginning of October.


3.  How do I access the Parent Portal?


It’s easy!  Parents receive a letter from their child’s school about how to use the Parent Portal.  To begin, go to https://gaston.powerschool.com and click the “Create Account” tab.  Parents should fill in the “Create Parent Account” information at the top of the page (First Name, Last Name, E-mail, Desired Username) and create a password.  The letter will provide an access ID and access password, which the parent fills in at the bottom of the page under the “Link Student to Account” section.  This will link the child’s grades and information to the parent’s account.


4.  What if I have more than one child in school?  Can I link all of my children to one account?


Yes, you may link all of your children to your account (regardless of which school they attend).  Do this by entering each child’s name, access ID and Access password in the “Link Students to Account” section.  You may link up to seven children to one account.


5.  What is available for me to see in the Parent Portal?


Parents will be able to see their child’s grades, attendance, class schedule, assignments and other information. 


6.  When will I be able to see my child’s grades?


Once the gradebook is available (see schedule under Question #2), you will be able to see your child’s grades after they are entered by the teacher.  If you have questions about a grade or assignment, please contact your child’s teacher.


7.  What if I am having problems with the Parent Portal?


If you are experiencing problems, please contact your child’s teacher or the principal.


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