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Bullying and Suicide Prevention 


Bullying and Suicide prevention are serious concerns, even at the elementary level.  As defined by NC Law, "Bullying or harassing behavior" is any

  • pattern or gestures of written, electronic, or verbal communications,
  • OR any physical act,
  • OR any threatening communication
  • that takes place on school property or on a school bus 

    AND that:

  • places a student or school employee in actual or reasonable fear of harm to his or her person OR damage to propertyOR creates or is certain to create a hostile environment.


Bullying is prohibited.  If you or your child has witnessed or has reliable information about bullying or harassing behavior, please report it to the appropriate school official so it can be investigated and addressed.


Suicide Prevention includes being aware of warning signs and risk factors.  Although youth suicide under the age of 10 is unlikely, it does happen.  Suicidal statements and thoughts should always be taken seriously.  If you want more information on how to spot the signs of depression, suicide, or bullying, please speak with our school counselor, nurse, psychologist, or administrator.  You can also visit: or

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