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Warlick Academy aspires to create a safe and nurturing learning environment that is tailored to meet the individual social, emotional and academic needs of each student.



Warlick Academy is striving to prepare students behaviorally and socially to be successful citizens.



Warlick Academy will create an educational setting in which:

·   students can learn at a level necessary to be a successful and contributing member of society. 

·   students learn to adapt their behavior to be productive learners.

·   students can acquire appropriate educational, social, psychological, emotional, and behavioral skills in a safe and orderly environment.

 Title I Information

Warlick Academy is identified as a Title I Priority School. For more information please visit,


  GCS Title I Page
  Warlick Title I Annual Meeting
  Warlick Parent Involvement Policy
  NC Parent Involvement Resource Center
  N.C. School Report Card
  Warlick Academy School Improvement Plan

 Class of 2013

 NC School Report Card


Warlick Academy NC School Report Card

 Volunteer Information








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