School Nutrition

  • Providing healthy meals for students is an essential part of the school day. Our School Nutrition Department understands the importance of providing well-balanced meals for students and works each weekday to ensure proper nutrition and the availability of breakfast and lunch meals.

    Hot meals served in classrooms
    The School Nutrition Department is working with cafeteria managers and school administrators to provide hot breakfast and lunch meals to students in their classrooms. The use of the cafeteria will be limited to avoid mass gatherings, and the self-serving of items will not be available to students.

    School Nutrition and cafeteria staff will follow all health/safety guidelines related to the handling, preparation, and distribution of food. Carts will be used to deliver meals to classrooms for students. Meals will be individually packaged in disposable containers, and they will include a beverage such as milk or juice and condiments. Disposable utensils will be included.

    Staff will use classroom rosters to account for meals offered to students, meals purchased, etc. Students who qualify for free and reduced-price meals will receive them accordingly, but non-qualifying students will need to pay for meals unless a waiver is approved by the federal government.

    ‘Grab and go’ option
    For students not attending school in-person, school time “grab and go” meal pickup will be available at all school campuses on Mondays and Thursdays. Students can receive three meals on Monday for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and students can receive two meals on Thursday for Thursday and Friday. The School Nutrition Department will work with school administration on logistics, coordination, distribution, security, etc. for the school time “grab and go” meal pickup.

    The days for “grab and go” meal pickup are tentative and may be adjusted once students' schedules are finalized.

    Logistics for meal distribution
    In addition to the logistics associated with the alternative ways for providing meals, the School Nutrition Department will purchase delivery carts, trash cans, two-way radios, and other necessary equipment to ensure the smooth distribution of meals to students.

    Parents who have questions about meal service at their child’s school should contact the school office.