Registration and Enrollment

  • Student registration/enrollment is an on-going process for Gaston County Schools. Our Student Assignment Office is available to assist parents/guardians with registering their child(ren) for school.

    Registration for kindergarten and pre-kindergarten is available online.

    Kindergarten Registration:

    Pre-Kindergarten Registration:

    Students in grades 1-12 who need to enroll in Gaston County Schools may click here to complete the process online. For more information and assistance, call our Student Assignment Office, (704) 810-7284.

    To ensure that our schools are prepared to help families with the student registration process, the Student Assignment Office is working with the Accountability Department to provide Scribbles enrollment system training for data managers.

    Student transfers and residence affidavits
    Student transfers that were in place for the 2019-2020 academic year will remain in effect for 2020-2021. This procedure will help to provide a consistent and familiar school environment for students. Parents/guardians will not have to submit a new or updated residence affidavit for the 2020-2021 academic year.

    Gaston County Virtual Academy
    Student enrollment for the Gaston County Virtual Academy, the local online school for students in grades K-12, continues throughout the summer.

    Click here to submit an application for the Virtual Academy.