AIG Department Nurturing Programs

  • Nurturing Programs in Gaston County include K-1 students, the Composer Program and flexible grouping instruction.

    K-1 Students
    ● The AIG teacher works collaboratively with the regular classroom teacher to provide resources for advanced K-1 students.
    ● K-1 students who are achieving two grade levels or above in reading and/or math are screened for possible placement in the AIG program.

    Composer Program
    The Composer Program is grounded in the belief that giftedness can be found among a very diverse group of students. The Composer identification process incorporates linguistic and logical/mathematical activities; therefore, the selected students include members of low socioeconomic or culturally diverse populations who are not typically identified through standardized testing. The Composer Program is an interdisciplinary program designed to promote both the affective and cognitive growth of these students.

    School Selection:
    ● The Composer Program is implemented in all Title I schools. 
    ● Composer schools must serve a diverse population of students and make a strong commitment to meeting the needs of these students.

    Composer Identification:
    ● Composer students are selected at the beginning of the second grade on the basis of their performance on pre-assessment activities and a final Composer assessment. These assessments include linguistic and logical/mathematical activities.
    ● Composer Recommendation Forms allow second grade teachers the opportunity to identify students who excel in classroom performance as well as those students who exhibit exemplary characteristics of multiple intelligences.
    ● Students are selected for the final Composer Assessment if they excel in the linguistic or logical/mathematical area. Consent to test must be obtained from parents.
    ● A team of trained teachers facilitate the Composer Assessment which includes creative, linguistic and logical/mathematical activities. Teachers rotate among students during assessment activities to become better acquainted with the affective and cognitive abilities of these students.
    ● The Composer Program includes, but is not limited to, students who are limited English learners or members of low socioeconomic and/or culturally diverse populations.

    Composer Instruction:
    ● Composer services are provided in grades two through five.
    ● Instruction is aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study.
    ● Instruction is designed to nurture and develop these students’ academic abilities.
    ● Instruction encompasses critical thinking and problem solving skills using Sandra Parks’ Building Thinking Skills program. Creative thinking lessons are based on the theory of multiple intelligences by Dr. Howard Gardner.
    ● Technology-based instruction is integrated into the Composer lessons.
    ● Composer lessons include character building exercises as students participate in cooperative learning and role-playing activities.
    ● Classroom teachers provide appropriate differentiation for Composer students in the regular classroom.

    AIG identification:
    ● Placement in the Composer Program does not guarantee that a student will qualify for Gaston County Schools AIG Program.
    ● Composer students who meet the criteria for the Gaston County Schools AIG Program are formally identified as AIG students.
    ● Composer students who have not met AIG requirements for Gaston County Schools are re-evaluated as new data becomes available.

    Flexible Grouping
    ● Students are selected for these groups based on student achievement scores and classroom performance.
    ● Students may be reassigned as new information becomes available.
    ● The AIG teacher works collaboratively with the regular classroom teacher to challenge these students.
    ● Instruction includes high level questioning strategies, critical thinking skills, and advanced learning.
    ● Students are screened periodically for possible placement into the AIG program