• Each year the AIG Department conducts several student competitions. Competitions are held at various locations and each gives students the opportunity to compete against other students from different schools in our county. Each winning school receives a team trophy and individual medallions. 

    Battle of the Books 
    The Elementary Battle of the Books team is open to all fifth graders; while the Middle Battle of the Books team is open to all sixth through eighth graders. Students participating in the Battle of Books are challenged to read books and work as a team to answer questions specifically related to those books including the titles and authors. Media Specialists meet with the eight member teams frequently throughout the year to practice the rules of the competition and to participate in mock competition rounds. Students who make the Battle team not only improve their reading and vocabulary skills but also learn how to work collaboratively with other students to achieve a common goal. 

    Poetry and Prose 
    Participation in the Poetry and Prose Celebration is open to all fourth grade students in Gaston County. Each elementary school selects one representative for poetry and one representative for prose. These two students are invited to read their entries at the Poetry and Prose Celebration and have their winning entries published in a countywide literary magazine sponsored by the Gaston County AIG department. Each student receives a copy of the literary magazine and a certificate of participation at awards day. 

    Coffeehouse 678 
    Coffeehouse 678 is a unique evening literary performance where students perform recitations penned by some of the world’s most illustrious writers within a coffeehouse setting. Coffeehouse 678 is open to all middle school AIG students within Gaston County Schools. 

    Math Masters and Math Elite 
    Each year the AIG Department is proud to sponsor the Elementary Math Masters and Middle School Math Elite Competitions. The Math Competition teams are made up of outstanding mathematicians with extraordinary math abilities who also exhibit exemplary cooperation and teamwork skills as well. The teams compete in separate rounds throughout the competition day and the team with the highest number of points at the conclusion of the competition is declared the winner. 

    The Elementary Math Masters Competition is open to all fifth graders. These teams compete during one day of the two-day competition. Fourteen of our elementary schools compete each day. Each team works collaboratively to solve problems in the following areas: Patterns, Probability and Statistics, Manipulatives, Tile Math, Numeration, Geometry and Measurement. 

    The Middle School Math Elite Competition is open to all sixth graders. Each team works collaboratively to solve problems in the following areas: Number and Operation, Patterns, Relationships and Functions, Logic, Spatial Sense, Measurement and Geometry and Quantitative Comparison. 

    Gaston County Schools is proud to provide students in grade 4-8 an opportunity to participate on a robotics team. Students learn teamwork as well as math, science, computer programming and critical thinking skills in a fun environment. Teams consist of ten students.  Each team works together to design and build a robot to solve missions. They write computer programs to make their robot complete required missions. Teams conduct research on a topic and present their learning to a panel of judges at the annual RoboGASTON competition.