Information and Communication

  • Regular communication with parents, students, employees, and the community is very important, especially during a pandemic. Our commitment is to provide accurate and detailed information about the reopening of Gaston County Schools and any changes to our operational plans that are deemed necessary as a result of the coronavirus.

    The Communications/Public Information Department is responsible for the mass distribution of information from the school district. The school principal is responsible for providing information to students, parents, employees, etc. that is specific to his or her school. The Communications/Public Information Department is available to assist principals with messages/correspondence and the distribution of school-level information as necessary.

    Communication channels
    Gaston County Schools will use the following channels of mass communication:

    ▪ Parentlink communication system to send telephone calls, e-mail, and
    text messages
    ▪ District website ( and school websites
    ▪ Channel 21, the Education Station for Gaston County Schools on Spectrum
    ▪ Gaston County Schools mobile app (download for free from Google Play
    or the App Store)
    ▪ News media
    ▪ Social media (Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube)
    ▪ Printed materials (letters, pamphlets, flyers, posters, etc.)

    One-stop source for information
    On the Gaston County Schools website, there is a “one-stop” source for information and updates about the coronavirus and reopening of schools. The webpage ( is updated regularly by the Communications/Public Information Department to provide information from the school district to parents, students, employees, and the community. The webpage also can be accessed through the Gaston County Schools mobile app.

    Print Shop/Business Partnerships
    The Communications/Public Information Department will provide a packet of flyers/posters for schools to display. The flyers/posters will be printed by the Gaston County Schools Print Shop, and schools will be able to request additional copies. Additionally, the Communications/Public Information Department will work with the Business Partnerships Office to engage local businesses in support of schools during this challenging time.

    Contact information
    To ensure that parents, students, and employees receive information from Gaston County Schools, it is important to make sure the telephone number(s) and e-mail address(es) on file with the school are current. Anyone needing to update a telephone number or e-mail address should contact the school office. It is imperative that our schools have up-to-date contact information.

    Have a question or concern?
    We know that parents, students, and employees will have questions and concerns. Parents are encouraged to contact their child’s teacher, the school office, or the principal for more information. Employees should contact their principal/supervisor.