• As school districts across North Carolina develop operational procedures for the 2020-2021 academic year, the state outlined three possible plans:

    Plan A: Minimal Social Distancing (least restrictive plan)

    Plan B: Moderate Social Distancing (social distancing is mandatory, which results in limited occupancy in school buildings and on school buses)

    Plan C: Remote Learning Only (all students engaged in remote learning at home)

    On July 14, Governor Roy Cooper announced that school districts across North Carolina will be able to implement Plan B with a blended model of instruction. Plan B allows for students to attend school in-person on a part-time basis and engage in remote learning at home.

    School districts may choose to adopt Plan C, which provides for remote learning at home only with no in-person instruction at school. Because of the current situation with the coronavirus, Plan A is not an option available to school districts.

    Our operational guidance
    The operational guidance for Gaston County Schools takes into consideration various health and safety guidelines such as social distancing, wearing face coverings, handwashing recommendations, cleanliness precautions, etc. as they relate to the following eight focus areas:

    Registration and Enrollment
    Daily Operation of Schools
    Bus Transportation
    School Nutrition
    Health and Safety Procedures
    Athletics and Extracurricular Activities
    Mass Gatherings and Public Events
    Information and Communication