• At the end of last school year, Forestview High School teacher John Hunsucker received a Ron L. Ensley mini-grant to fund a science project that teaches students about the process of growing fruits and vegetables. 
    Hunsucker worked with students in two of his Botany classes. His goal was to have fruit and vegetables available to the students by the time school let out.
    Students were responsible for researching fruits and vegetables including the germination time and days to mature. They bought approximately 40 seed packets and started the seeds in peat cups in March. In early April, they transferred them to the garden. The students were responsible for measuring out the space and dividing the garden into plots where everyone had a space to weed, water, fertilize, stake vines and harvest.
    Thanks to their hard work, the students are harvesting a variety of vegetables including radishes, squash, beets, carrots, lettuce, cucumbers, onions, potatoes and tomatoes.