School’s culinary arts program named for Katharine Cramer Angell

    Stuart W. Cramer High School dedicated its culinary arts program in memory of Katharine Cramer Angell, co-founder of the Culinary Institute of America and the daughter of Stuart W. Cramer.  A ceremony and plaque unveiling was held on September 26.  Representatives of the Cramer family and the Culinary Institute of America attended the ceremony.

    Jeff Ramsey, vice chairman of the Board of Education who coordinated the dedication, said, “Mrs. Angell was a leader in the culinary arts profession, and she inspired many through her vision, hard work, and commitment to excellence in everything she did.  We are grateful for the opportunity to name our culinary arts department in memory of Mrs. Angell, and we are pleased to have her name associated with this program and this school.” 

    Born in 1890, Angell was known as the “First Lady” of Yale University -- her husband was the university president, and she was often referred to as a “Great Lady” because of her care and support for education, charitable organizations, and the Yale University community.  She held education in high regard and was known for her distinct ability to serve as hostess for dinners, parties, and other ceremonial gatherings. Click here to read more about Mrs. Angell.

    Superintendent of Schools W. Jeffrey Booker said, “We like to think that Mrs. Angell would be proud of this culinary arts program because she would realize that this is a great place for students to get their start, grow, and thrive.”

    Booker continued, “Stuart W. Cramer High School has an excellent culinary arts program to provide inspiration for students who are considering a career in the culinary arts, food service, hospitality, and related areas.  There are outstanding job opportunities in the service-oriented industry, and we believe this program allows our students to take the first steps down a path to a successful and meaningful career.”

    Plans are in the works by Damon Vickers, a descendant of Stuart W. Cramer, to establish a scholarship for students interested in attending the Culinary Institute of America.