• 2018-2019   Robotics


    This year the robotics mission was all about space. Our team, Tryon Stars, researched how an astronaut’s body can be affected in space in orbit.


    An astronaut’s body can change in 5 different ways in orbit.

    • The skeletal system gets weak due to the lack of movement.
    • The heart gets weaker due to changes in the muscular system.
    • Physical health suffers due to changes in your muscular system.
    • There is bone loss because of the lack of gravity which causes the body to become weak.
    • The immune system suffers because of things like radiation, microgravity, stress and other things.


    Our team has come up with an innovative solution to help astronauts stay healthy while in orbit. It is a drink or juice, called Space’s Sweet and Spicy! Not only does the juice taste delicious, it is packed full of vitamins and nutrients like calcium (for bone health), vitamin D (for bone growth), and Omega-3 (for heart health). The juice flavors include vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, and lemon for a sweet tooth, and mango habanero, jalapeno poppers, salsa & chips, and chili with ghost peppers for a little heat.  

     Robotics Innovation