• The Library, a place for students/teachers to grow their knowledge through various printed materials. 

    Dear Parents:

    Reading is one of the most important skills a child will ever learn. The child who reads well-and loves to read-will more than likely excel in school and achieve personal growth.  

    Daniel Willingham, a Cognitive scientist once said, "It is virtually impossible to become proficient at a mental task without extended practice.”

    Reading is no different. The reading students do each day represents a form of self-guided practice, similar to learning how to play a musical instrument or shooting free throws after basketball practice for a half hour each day.

    Here at Grier Middle, we are looking through the same lense.  

    We are committed to searching new ways to motivate our students to aspire to greatness. And reading will assist in getting them there!

    It is our desire that you, parents/guardians will assist by ensuring your child(ren) reads everyday, 20-30 minutes.

    Grier is a great place to be. We are all...“Committed to the Success of Every Knight, Every Day” 

    Together, we will make an awesome team, because we share a common goal,  your child(ren)!" 


    Reading, a great family activity to do together!



    Ann Perkins-Davis

    Media Specialist

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