• Bessemer City Central invited The Schiele Museum to present a special educational program to third grade students on September 22.
    The presentation, entitled "Dirt Made My Lunch," taught students about food, health and the environment. The interactive program gave kids the chance to learn how food is made, how to pick healthy snacks and read food nutrition labels.
    A few student volunteers even got to prepare a snack of salad and mashed sweet potatoes that would be given to the animals at The Schiele Museum.
    Stephenie Berggrun with the Schiele's outreach program taught students the difference between processed and unprocessed foods and discussed which are healthier choices. 
    "I'm glad we were able to offer this to our students. It helped reinforce our class lessons," said third grade teacher Lacey Walters, whose students are growing a class garden as part of their curriculum this semester. 
    "Dirt Made My Lunch" is being offered by The Schiele to all third grade classes in Gaston County through the first week of October. It was designed to complement third grade curriculum and has been made available thanks to a grant from the Caromont Health Foundation, the Carrie E. and Lena V. Glenn Foundation, and from private donations.
    There is no school cost for this program initiative. Schools wishing to bring this outreach event to their students may contact The Schiele Museum for scheduling.