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    Questions and Answers
    What is the Gaston County Virtual Academy?
    Provided to the community by Gaston County Schools, the Academy is a virtual school that offers 100% online instruction for students.  Students in grades Kindergarten through 12th are provided daily flexibility to complete coursework.  Gaston County Schools' teachers with the Virtual Academy support students as they make progress through their classes.  

    Who is eligible to attend?
    Any student who will be in grades K-12 for the 2020-2021 academic year may apply to attend. All students who apply will be screened in order to determine acceptance. Students should demonstrate the need for a flexible schedule and the ability to be successful in a virtual learning environment.

    What are the benefits of the Gaston County Virtual Academy?
    A virtual school offers several benefits. The most significant one is the flexibility online learning provides for students whereas a traditional school has a more formal structure and schedule. For students who may be pursuing other interests in areas such as athletics, equestrian and similar competitions, or the fine arts, the flexible schedule alleviates conflicts between school and other commitments. Virtual learning also offers a personalized learning program that is tailored to a student’s needs.

    What classes will be offered?
    The classes are aligned with the North Carolina Standard Course of Study: Gaston County Virtual Academy offers the core content areas: English/Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, and Social Studies.  High school students will be able to complete the full course of study necessary for receiving a high school diploma by 2021 and beyond.  Some world language and elective classes are available for middle school students as well.

    Is all instruction offered online?
    Yes. All instruction is online. Students do not have to go to a school or other location to complete their classes.  Teachers are available for virtual and face-to-face tutoring and/or small group sessions. 

    How many courses can my child take?
    Depending on the type of enrollment desired and grade level, students may take anywhere from two (2) to eight (8) courses. 

    How much does it cost?
    There is no cost to attend the Academy.

    Who are the teachers?
    The majority of Gaston County Virtual Academy teachers are Gaston County Schools’ teachers.  In the few circumstances where Gaston County Schools cannot provide their own teacher, North Carolina fully certified teachers will be provided. 

    How are the virtual classes structured?
    Classes are offered online through our learning management system (LMS), which allows for engaging and interactive instruction. While students have the daily flexibility to work any time and anywhere, the classes follow a calendar with firm start and end dates.  Students are provided pacing guides and calendars to assist as they work through their courses. 

    What technology will a student need at home?
    Students need access to a computer and a reliable Internet connection. For students who do not have a computer and/or Internet access, we will try to work with you to make other options available. While not required, students may find it helpful to have a computer microphone and/or headphones.

    Can homeschool students apply?
    Yes. The Academy is ideal for students in a homeschool setting because they receive additional academic support while maintaining a flexible schedule and personalized learning.

    What academic support is in place for students?
    The student’s teacher is the first point of contact to provide instruction, guidance, and help. Further, students will have access to a Virtual Learning Coordinate who can provide additional support.

    Is there a lottery to select the students? Do students need to apply?
    There is no lottery, but space is limited. Students who wish to attend must apply and will be screened to determine if the Academy is right for them.

    If I have questions about the Gaston County Virtual Academy or how to enroll my child, whom do I contact?
    Please call Virtual Learning Coordinator Kathleen D'Avria at (704) 836-9125 or e-mail: kndavria@gaston.k12.nc.us.