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Student makes a difference for the environment

Student makes a difference for the environment

Hunter Huss student finds a way to make an environmental difference at school

Be the change you want to see in the world.  That’s the attitude Aliya Wilson, a senior at Hunter Huss High School, believes in. So, when she needed to find a project for the Family, Career, and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA) club, she wondered what she could do to make a difference at her school.

Deciding to become an environmental ambassador, Wilson saw the option for water bottle filling stations listed on the FCCLA website.  She knew that by installing a water bottle refill station at Hunter Huss, she could help cut down on the number of water bottles that needed to be recycled.

Student makes a difference for the environment Almost a full year later, Wilson got the funds for the fountain donated and had it installed in a main hallway where it is accessible to students.  Just several months into the school year, there have been 2,000 water bottles refilled.

“It makes me happy because I know it’s getting used,” Wilson said. “The fact that we’ve hit 2,000 water bottles already, and it’s not even the middle of the year is awesome.  I want to keep going. I want to hit 6,000 refills by the time the school year is over.”

Her efforts aren’t just being recognized in her school.  Taking her project to the FCCLA competition, Wilson’s water bottle station earned her first place in the state competition and third place in the regional competition.  She says that making a difference can be easy to do.

“Just do what you think will help,” she said. “For me, I love our environment so I knew I needed to do something to help with that.”

Before she graduates in June, Wilson has another goal to achieve.

“I’d really love to get a second refill station installed,” she said. “Or at least get that going so someone can continue to work on it.”

After graduation, Wilson plans to continue working toward a job in the culinary arts, a Career Academy program she is involved in at Hunter Huss.  She believes that her project for FCCLA will help her in the long run in her career.

“I would love to work at a no-waste restaurant,” she said. “I love the environment, and I love to cook so I would love to see those things come together.”