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“Nickels” money delivered to S.C. school districts

Williamsburg County  Clarendon School District 2
Clarendon School District 1  Clarendon School District 3
“Nickels 4 Neighbors” money delivered to South Carolina school districts

Gaston County Schools’ successful “Nickels 4 Neighbors” campaign culminated Thursday, November 19 with the delivery of $25,000 to the Clarendon and Williamsburg school districts in South Carolina.

Gaston County Board of Education chairman Kenneth R. Lutz, Jr. and Superintendent of Schools W. Jeffrey Booker presented the funds to representatives of the three school districts in Clarendon County and the Williamsburg County district.

Rebecca Huffstetler, principal of Southwest Middle School and chairperson of the Principals Leadership Team; Todd Hagans, chief communications officer; and LaTonya Burgess, school social worker at Pleasant Ridge Elementary, also participated in the check presentation ceremony held at the Clarendon School District One’s administrative office in Summerton.

Each Clarendon district received $5,000 and the Williamsburg district received $10,000 to help children and families affected by the devastating flood.

“Our ‘Nickels 4 Neighbors’ campaign has been a significant project for Gaston County Schools,” stated Superintendent of Schools W. Jeffrey Booker. “Not only were we able to help schoolchildren and their families in South Carolina, but we were able to teach our students about the importance of compassion and kindness and helping people in need.”

On Wednesday, October 14, just weeks after heavy rain caused widespread flooding across South Carolina, Gaston County Schools conducted a district-wide campaign that challenged each school to collect $200, or 4,000 nickels. The district more than doubled its fundraising goal.

The “Nickels 4 Neighbors” check presentation ceremony was videotaped and will be shown on Channel 21 beginning the week of December 14.

More about our “Nickels 4 Neighbors” campaign

When was the fundraiser?
The “Nickels 4 Neighbors” campaign was conducted on Wednesday, October 14 with all 55 schools and central office departments collecting money.

What was the fundraising goal?
Each school was challenged to collect $200, which is equivalent of 4,000 nickels.

How much money was raised?
Gaston County Schools collected $25,184.55, which is the equivalent of 503,691 nickels.

Who got the money?
The funds were distributed to four school districts in South Carolina: Clarendon School District One in Summerton, Clarendon School District Two in Manning, Clarendon School District Three in Turbeville, and Williamsburg County School District in Kingstree. The four districts have approximately 9,500 students.

Where are Clarendon and Williamsburg counties?
Clarendon County is located south of Florence – Interstate 95 runs through Clarendon County. Williamsburg County is located to the east of Clarendon County.

How much did each school district get?
The three Clarendon County districts received $5,000 each. The Williamburg County district received $10,000.

Who organized the “Nickels 4 Neighbors” fundraiser?
The Principals Leadership Team worked with the Communications Department and each school to conduct the fundraiser.

How were Clarendon and Williamsburg counties selected?
The South Carolina School Boards Association provided guidance about areas hardest hit by the flood. We chose Clarendon County after seeing news coverage of devastation caused by the flood. Williamsburg County was included after LaTonya Burgess, school social worker at Pleasant Ridge Elementary, asked if something could be done to help her home county.

When were the funds presented to the South Carolina school districts?
The money was distributed to the four school districts on Thursday, November 19 during a check presentation ceremony at the Clarendon School District One administrative office in Summerton.

How will the school districts use the money?
The Superintendent of Schools in each district will determine how to best use the money to help children and their families affected by the flood. The children are in need of school supplies, clothing and other essential items.

Why did Gaston County Schools conduct the fundraiser?
It was the right thing to do to help our neighbors in need. Also, the disaster was close to home. Had the storm system that brought the torrential rain been about 100 miles north, neighborhoods in Gaston County would have been under water.

Thank you, Gaston County Schools, for helping schoolchildren in South Carolina!