School Information

Thank you for being ready for school early.  Bus riders need to be ready for buses to pick up.  Sadler doors will open daily at 7:00 and the tardy bell rings at 7:45.  All students need to be in the class before the bell rings as the doors close at the 7:45 bell.  Late parents park their cars and bring their children to the office for a pass to class. 

Here are safety reminders for car riders:
Thanks for not using your cell phone in the car line.

Thanks for stopping before the crosswalk.

Thanks for students exiting the car on the passenger side when the staff member opens the door.

Stay in your traffic lane.

Stay in your car.  The staff member will help your child out.  This keeps the car line moving.  

In the afternoon, be prepared to name your child and display your tag for car rider pick up.

Schedule conferences with your teacher to discuss student progress.

Thanks for being so safe at Sadler!

Buses: be at the stop in the morning and afternoon for your Kindergarten student.

Thanks for reducing absences and always sending in a note if your child is sick.  Write your child’s first and last name, the date and the reason for absence. Tardies and early dismissals count the same.  Try to have no more than 3 of each per quarter to avoid administrative issues and learning consequences for your child. If you have any changes about your child's dismissal, send in a note. 

Safety: Let your child’s teacher, principal or another trusted staff member know if you have any concerns, the sooner the better, so the concerns may be addressed.

Safety: Know that the Sadler staff is going to look out for your children.  Children do not need to fight at school. Adults will supervise and intercede at all times.  Students need to put all their efforts into succeeding in the classroom. They need to fight for learning and reading and math.  If you have a concern with safety, let the teacher know or let the principal know so they can help you fix the problem.

Check the Sadler website for lots of information and an up to date calendar.  

Thanks for your patience and support the first week of school.