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  • OUTSTANDING SENIOR:  Trevor Carver
    Warlick Academy - Trevor Carver Only a month into his senior year, Trevor Carver dropped out of high school. It was hard to see a reason to continue -- his two older brothers had dropped out before graduating, too.

    But then he was offered another chance. He was invited to enroll at Warlick Academy and earn the rest of his credits.

    In the past year, he’s made the most of that second chance. Carver is not only graduating, but has earned a spot on the A honor roll, not to mention the respect of the teachers at Warlick. Now, he’s aiming to become the first in his family to earn a college diploma.

    “He has turned out to be the most well-behaved, respectful young man I have ever met here at Warlick Academy,” said principal Curt Hovis.

    Over the last year, Carver has made the long bus ride to Warlick every day. He’s earned “Ambassador” status at Warlick for his good behavior. And since he had early release this semester, Carver saw it as an opportunity to take a part-time job after school to help pay bills and save for college. “His dreams are big, but he’s very frugal,” Hovis said.

    Carver has already been accepted to Gaston College. After two years there, he intends to continue to a four-year university to study computer programming.

    “He’s very determined that he will move on,” Hovis said, adding that Carver has already applied for and received a Pell Grant and has also applied for Warlick’s annual Ron Harper Scholarship.

    Warlick exists to help students like Carver who might have otherwise fallen through the cracks, Hovis said. “This kid would have been a loss. We don’t want to lose someone like him,” Hovis said. “He just needed the doors opened.”
    Congratulations, Trevor Carver -- an outstanding senior in the Gaston County Schools Class of 2016!