Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Lydia Walls

My name is Lydia Walls, and I recently won first overall in the Gaston Regional Science and Engineering Competition.  My project that achieved this award, Body Mass Index and its Effect on Lung Capability,  was completed in the fall semester of this year.  I started researching my project in the second semester of my sophomore year and worked on it over the summer to proceed with the project this year (my junior year). I carried out my project with the support of my amazing teacher, Brian Johnson, my mentor, Dr. Jorge Granados, and the coaches and players of the East Gaston Football Team. I decided to work on this research project because I am extremely interested in the human body and a firm believer that we can always gain more knowledge about how to keep our bodies healthy today and in the future.  After continuous research, my following research question was established.  I would love to keep enhancing my knowledge of this research and continue to carry out this same project with females and using other sports.  For my future plans, I continue to search for colleges, but my number one pick right now is NC State.  I would like to attend NC State for its incredible science and engineering program. I am interested in majoring in either biomedical engineering or veterinary medicine.  These two fields interest me because they allow for the opportunity to research and solve complex issues.  Thank you to everyone that supported me and helped me carry out this project that led to this wonderful experience. I look forward to competing at UNCC in a couple of weeks for the chance to advance to either the State Science Fair or the International Science Fair.  As always, go Warriors!