• Nursing 

    Who should enroll in this program?   

    Students interested in becoming a registered nurse, nurse practitioner, or other healthcare clinician. 

    How many years does it take to complete?  

    4 years

    What college degrees will I earn?  

    Associate in General Education in Nursing

    Nurse Aide 1 Certification

    What high school and college classes do I take?  


    High School


    English 9, 10, 12

    ENG 111, 112, 231

    Math 1, 2, 3

    MAT 152, 171




    BIO 168, 169, 275, 155

    CHM 151

    World History


    Amer. History  

    Financial Literacy

    PSY 150, 241

    SOC 210, 220

    ART 111

    MUS 110

    HIS 111

    Health and PE

    HEA 110

    ACA 122

    Spanish I, II



    Can I transfer these college classes for a four-year degree?

    Yes, the credit earned from taking the courses in this program may be transferred to a four-year institution.

    If I want to be a nurse, when do I take nursing classes?

    In the fall of senior year, students will be encouraged to apply the Gaston College School of Nursing as well as other Nursing Schools they may be interested in attending to ensure they are accepted into a program.  It is extremely competitive and applications will be ranked.