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Recognition for excellence in school public relations

Recognition for excellence in school public relations

Gaston County Schools earns national and state recognition for effective public relations

Gaston County Schools is one of only 49 school districts across the country to win a National Golden Achievement Award from the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA). 

The award recognizes the “Big 50 Employee Talent Show” as an exemplary public relations program.  The employee talent show was held on April 9, 2019 as part of the school district’s 50th anniversary celebration.  Click here to watch the talent show on YouTube.   

Gaston County was one of only five school districts in North Carolina to earn a National Golden Achievement Award for 2020.  Last year, the district won Golden Achievement Awards for the “Big 50 Parade” and the “For Your Information: School Bonds 2018 Marketing Campaign.”

Superintendent of Schools W. Jeffery Booker stated, “We are very proud of our Communications Department, and we take great pride in having their excellent work recognized at the national level.  To win a Golden Achievement Award is a significant honor that ranks Gaston County among the top districts in the country for school public relations.”

In addition to the national award, Gaston County Schools was among 36 school districts in the state to win Blue Ribbon Awards for effective school communications and public relations.  The Blue Ribbon Awards are presented by the North Carolina School Public Relations Association (NCSPRA).  Below is a list of the eight state awards by category for Gaston County Schools:

Gold Award
Digital Media Engagement – GCS Quick Clips on Facebook
Electronic Media – Holiday Parades Video
Special Events and Programs – Big 50 Employee Talent Show
Special Events and Programs – Big 50 Anniversary Reception
Special Events and Programs – Gaston County Schools: Our Sports History and More Exhibit

Silver Award
Image and Graphic Design – NCSPRA’s Final Four
Digital Media Engagement – Big 50 Anniversary History Posts on Facebook

Bronze Award
Special Events – Belmont Middle School Groundbreaking Ceremony

Additionally, chief communications officer Todd Hagans earned the NSPRA Front-Runner Award for 2019-2020.  The national award recognizes Hagans as an emerging leader in the field of school communications and public relations.  He was one of only four people to receive the Front-Runner Award this year.

The Communications Department includes Tom Nencetti, Channel 21 program manager; Sean Corcoran, web communications coordinator; Allison Drennan, communications coordinator; Valerie Yatko, director of business and community partnerships; Charlotte Wright, administrative assistant; Maurice Johnson, printing supervisor; and Jennifer Blanton, printing assistant.