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It’s time for the Class of 2022 to shine!

Superintendent's Message

It’s time for the Class of 2022 to shine!

W. Jeffrey Booker, Ed.D.
Superintendent of Schools

Superintendent BookerCongratulations to the Gaston County Schools Class of 2022!  We are very proud of this year’s seniors, and we are pleased to join their family and friends in celebrating the special occasion of high school graduation.

Our seniors’ achievements are worthy of praise.  They have received numerous awards for excellence in academics, athletics, the fine arts, extracurricular activities, and community service.  Millions of dollars in scholarships have been awarded to our seniors from some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in our state and across the country.  Everything our seniors have achieved both inside and outside the classroom is a result of their hard work, dedication, perseverance, and commitment to success.

Graduating from high school is a milestone because it happens only once in life.  It is a time for our seniors to be proud of all that they have accomplished to reach the graduation stage.  It also is a time to be thankful for the family members, teachers, mentors, classmates, friends, and everyone else who’s had a meaningful role in shaping them into the people they are today.

We all love stories, and every graduate has one – stories about being determined and staying focused; stories about overcoming obstacles to achieve goals; and stories about making the right choices.  Collectively, the story for the Class of 2022 is one that highlights the students’ commitment to doing well in school, showing the qualities of an effective leader, supporting their classmates, their school, and their community, and making a difference in everything they set out to do. 

With our graduates receiving their high school diploma and moving on to college, the military, and the workforce, their stories will continue to be written, and what a wonderful narrative each one of them will be.

When we think about the Class of 2022, there is one word that comes to mind: resilience.  American writer Jamais Cascio said that “resilience is all about being able to overcome the unexpected – the goal of resiliency is to thrive.”

Resilient people are tough.  They are able to handle whatever comes their way, and they work hard to bounce back from stress and struggles so they can focus on and enjoy the positives.

We all know that graduation is a time for transitioning from childhood to adulthood, and it is a time for new and exciting possibilities.  The graduates in the Class of 2022 are stepping out of their comfort zone and embracing the future.  They are ready to thrive in a different way, in a different place, and on a different level.

The Board of Education joins me in extending our very best wishes to each graduate.  We encourage you to continue setting goals.  Work hard always, keep your sights on what you want to do in life, and always dream big.  Above all else, the resiliency that you have displayed during your high school years will be the quality that carries you through everything that you will experience in life.  

To the Class of 2022: be happy, be thankful, and be proud.  Stay tough, keep thriving, and let your light shine brightly in all that you do.  Congratulations!

Dr. W. Jeffrey Booker is the superintendent of Gaston County Schools and the 2022-2023 Southwest Region Superintendent of the Year.