Mission and Vision

  • Ironmen

    Our Mission

    Forging Ironmen with purpose, passion, and preparation for success.

    Our Vision

    Cherryville High School will develop the academic, artistic, and leadership abilities and talents of each student, thus there will be no difference between.


    • Cherryville High School and top high schools in the state of North Carolina as to academic achievement.
    • Students at Cherryville High School will graduate at a rate of 95% or above beginning with the class of 2014.
    • Cherryville High School will lead the way in integrating technology into its everday business and use technology as a way to engage students of the 21st century.
    • Cherryville High School will develop a culture that is safe, nurturing, celebrates diversity, and promotes school pride.
    • Cherryville High School will establish high expectations and provide support for struggling students so that they may realize their greatest potential.