• Volunteering and job shadowing

    Volunteer or job shadow with Caromont Health!  Must be 15 and up to date on all vaccines (per hospital requirements). There is currently a waiting list, but interested students are still encouraged to apply.

    Contact Pam Gordon with questions about these opportunities Pam.Gordon@caromonthealth.org


    Teen Volunteer Application link 
    (Volunteer opportunities are available in CaroMont medical offices, Courtland Terrace Activities Department and various areas of the hospital).
    Shadowing Application link
    Volunteer with Bit of Hope Ranch. "The mission of Bit of Hope Ranch is to offer equine assisted therapies and educational programs for spiritual, mental, and physical wellness." If you enjoy working with people AND animals (horses) this opportunity is for you. Examples of volunteer positions: program volunteer, ranch hand, equine caregiver, special event volunteer. See link below for more information and application.