High School Transition

  • Mrs. Little handles the high school transition beginning in late winter/early spring. Your high school is assigned based on your current address.  If your address changes during the school year, it is important that you bring that information to our data manger to be up-dated. Once you get your school assignment, please direct any questions or concerns to the Student Assignment Office at 704-866-6100.  Each high school will come to BMS for a presentation to the students.  They will also host a parent night at each school.  After those events, a date will be determined where the counselors from the high schools come to Belmont and register students for their 9th grade classes.  Students will be admitted to the Highland School of Technology after completing an application and being chosen from a lottery.  Students will be accepted to the Early College after a review of completed applications, test scores, and teacher referrals.  Mrs. Little will let everyone know when these applications are available.