School Counseling

  • woods

    Counselor - Ashley Woods

    Guidance Lessons at Page Primary will include lessons on:
    Character education, decision making, problem solving, friendship, social skills, feelings, personal safety, careers, bullying prevention, self-esteem, setting goals and conflict resolution

    Small Group Guidance
    Provides a supportive environment for students experiencing commonly shared concerns such as stress, grief, divorce, anger, organization, friendship, etc. These groups will be offered to all students. Please contact me if you would like your child to participate in a small group. Small groups give students the opportunity to share ideas and support one another. Kids can see they are not the only ones feeling a certain way or going through a certain situation. Small groups are conducted based on the needs of our students. They typically run 4-6 weeks and the group meets once a week for 20-30 minutes. Parent permission is needed. I may also provide less formal groups during lunchtime that have an open invitation.

    Individual support
    Is available to all students at the request of teachers, parents, or students. I am a resource to help students succeed in school. Individual support within the school setting is short-term. If students come to my office more than twice or it is of a serious nature parents are contacted. I feel fortunate to be able to spend time listening to students while providing a safe setting to help them work through problems or tough days. I feel as though I am another safe friend at Page who is available to help students academically and emotionally. If a parent prefers that I do not meet with his/her child individually or in a group, please let me know and I will accommodate the request.