Dress Code Policy

  • RULE 16: Dress Code (GCS Code of Conduct)

    The appearance of any young person is primarily the responsibility of that individual and his/her parents. Each student is expected to maintain an appearance that is neither distracting to other students nor disruptive to the educational environment or the safe and healthy climate of schools. Students shall not wear: Headwear - Hats, bandannas, hair picks, combs or other types of headgear or sunglasses in the building. Clothing - Clothing that displays sexually explicit words or drawings, profanity, alcohol or drug gang symbols. No style of clothing or the manner in which it is worn may expose undergarments or create a distraction or disturbance in the educational setting. The expectations noted above represent the minimum standards established throughout the school system. In addition, items not specifically mentioned may still be deemed inappropriate in a school setting in the judgment of the school administration. The Board of Education recognizes that local law enforcement agencies may determine that wearing particular gang related attire may present a threat to student safety. The Superintendent will work collaboratively with these agencies to prohibit such dress. This policy shall be reviewed annually by the Superintendent who will make any proposed recommendations for change to the Gaston County Board of Education.

    Also, any clothing that distracts from or disrupts the learning environment is not allowed.  No skin or underwear should be visible. 

    Shorts - no more than 6" above the knee
    Skirts - no more than 6" above the knee
    Shirts - modesty should prevail...
    Pants - no sagging; no holes more than 6" above the knee 


    Elementary School In-school disciplinary action.

    Middle School Ranging from in-school disciplinary action up to 3 days OSS.

    High School Ranging from in-school disciplinary action up to 3 days OSS.