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    North Gaston will be utilizing the registration timeline below. Please pay attention to the dates, so you do not miss your chance to register for your classes. Any students who do not submit their classes to their counselors will have their classes chosen for them.


    January 22nd - February 2nd: Students and parents can review courses available for registration. 

    February 1st: Students and parents are invited to come to North Gaston for a curriculum night. They can meet with teachers and ask any questions they want related to the courses that are offered. 

    February 6th: Students will fill out the Google registration form to select their classes while at school. 

    February 8th: Students will be given a print off of their selected courses to enter in Naviance during their advisory. 

    February 12th - March 15th: Students will meet one on one with their counselor to review their selected classes and confirm their choices. 

    Note: Students and parents have until March 25th to request a change to their course selections. After March 25th their course selections will not be able to be changed. 

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