Welcome to Southwest Middle School...

    We are excited to have you!  

    New Students

    Students are assigned to schools based on the location of their residence. Students should register at their prospective schools if they have the necessary documents listed below. When entering GCS from other districts, parents will need to visit the Student Assignment Office at 1 Learning Place, Gastonia, NC (704-866-6100) to complete a Discipline Status Affidavit. All new students must have a parent/court appointed guardian with them to enroll. 

    Enrollment Requirements

    ·          Copy of Birth Certificate (If not already attending Gaston County Schools)

    •  Immunization Records
    •  Parent/Legal Guardian Valid Photo ID
    •  Withdrawal Paperwork from previous school
    •  Two proofs of address to verify the residence of  parent/court-appointed guardian. (Current utility bill, lease/mortgage paperwork) 

                ***If the parent/guardian resides with someone else and does not have proofs of address                         

                they will need to visit the Student Assignment Office, at the address listed above, with the

                person that they live with and complete a Residency Affidavit. The homeowner/lessee will  

                need to provide two proofs of address at this time and will need to have a valid ID.

     Also, in order to make sure your student's academic needs are addressed appropriately,  please communicate with the school if your child has a 504, IEP or specific medical needs.



    TIPS for a Successful Transition

    T - Teacher Relationships - Talk to your teachers. Build relationships with them.

    I -   Involvement - Get involved with clubs, sports, or other after school activities.

    P -  Positive Peer Relationships -  Find students who have mutual goals.

    S -  Speak Up - If you have questions/concerns, Southwest Middle School staff is here to help you!