• Make Your Mark!



    The mission of Hunter Huss High School is to empower students to be lifelong learners and equip them to be successful members of society. 



    The vision of Hunter Huss High School is to produce: 
    • Students instilled with Huskie Pride. 
    • Prepared graduates equipped for success. 
    • Responsible citizens with an awareness of self-worth. 
    • A safe, supportive, inclusive, nurturing environment. 



    Hunter Huss High School believes in: 
    • Success
    • Empowerment
    • Accountability 
    • Commitment
    • Dedication
    • Respect
    • Protection 



    Hunter Huss High School values: 
    • Support
    • Sense of Belonging
    • Relationships
    • Diversity
    • Collaboration 
    • Safety
    • Consistency
    • Hard Work
    • Feedback
    • Communication