School Improvement Team

  • The School Improvement Team is a group of teachers, administrators, and parents who work together to improve Bessemer City High School by addressing goals in our School Improvement Plan.
    The School Improvement Team meets the first Wednesday of every month.  

    If you have any questions about school policies or procedures, if you would like to become a SIT member, or you have ideas for school improvements, please contact the school at 704-836-9601.

  • Due to a lack of assessment data during the 19-20 academic year, the state lists of Low-Performing schools and State Low-Performing districts stayed the same for 20-21. However, the new legislation states the following: “local boards of education of low-performing schools shall include with their online plans a brief explanation that low-performing identification continues pending assessment data from the 20-21 school year.”  

School Improvement Team Members

Last Name First Name Email Job Title
Beaty Hayley BCHS Staff - Social Studies
Burris Angelique SIT Secretary, BCHS Staff - Student Services
Crocker Amy BCHS Staff - Teacher
Glance Crystal Parent Representative
Hill Braxton BCHS Staff - PE
James Kelly SIT Chair - BCHS Staff - EC
Johnson Doneen Principal
Macdonald Kathleen BCHS Staff - Office Staff
Madrid Maria Celeste BCHS Staff - Math
Potter Tom Assistant Principal
Short Shane BCHS Staff - CTE
Sneed Meghann Assistant Principal

Bessemer City High School Improvement Plan

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