School Improvement Team

The School Improvement Team is a group of teachers, administrators, and parents who work together to improve Woodhill Elementary by addressing goals in our School Improvement Plan.

If you have any questions about school policies or procedures, if you would like to become a SIT member, or you have ideas for school improvements, please contact the school at 704-866-6295.

School Improvement Team Members

Staff Name Position Email
Hannah Byars K
Kaitlyn Smith 1st
Emily Morton 2nd
Angie Molla 3rd
Sharon Burke 4th
Tiffany Thompson 5th
Aman Seltun Support
Misty Law Instructional Assistant
Bridgette Best Instructional Facilitator
Jennifer Robinson Parent
Amy Hord Principal
Dan Barber Asst. Principal

Woodhill Elementary
School Improvement Plan

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