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    SCHS Academic Booster Club will support ALL students, teachers, staff and our administration in providing an outstanding educational experience at SCHS, just as our Athletic Booster Club supports athletics. We will strive to supplement funds needed to provide the latest technology and educational tools for our school. Our organization is trend setting for other area high schools by "Storming into the Future" of high school parent organizations. The past is PTO/PTAs, we are the future. We are SCHS Academic Booster Club. 

    SCHS Academic Booster Club Executive Board

    Audrey Devine
    Kelly Dysterhouse
    Melissa Valego
    Vice President
    Suzie Washam
    Shannon Conrad
    Jodi Harte
    Fundraising Coord.
    Amanda Matz
    Boyce O'Tuel
    Social Publicity/Media
    Kasey Gunde
    Volunteer Coordinator