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Brookside Elementary student is a published poet

Josie Norris, Brookside Elementary

Poetry written by Brookside Elementary student published in Young American Poetry Digest 

A Brookside Elementary student is now a published poet after a poem she submitted for a national contest was published in the Young American Poetry Digest.

Josie Norris, a third-grade student, submitted a poem last year titled “Snow.”

“It was cold outside when I was writing my poem,” said Josie. “My mom suggested writing about snow.”

Josie has been writing poetry since first grade when her teacher assigned it as a reading lesson.

“I want to be a famous poet,” added Josie. “I want to be able to get more of my poems published.”

Each year, a panel of educators reviews poetry entries from students across the nation in their search for examples of excellent work at each grade level.  The best poems are chosen for publication in Young American Poetry Digest.

Submissions are judged on creativity, age-appropriate language, sensory and figurative images, structure, and poetic technique.  Students whose work is chosen receive a free copy of the book for their school library.

As part of National Poetry Month, media specialist Allison Harbin shared information with students about the writing contest and encouraged students to participate.

“Josie was the only student to submit an entry,” said Harbin. “I knew from the moment I first read her poem that it would be published in the book.  Josie is an amazing all-around student. She will definitely go on to do great things.” 


Snow is fun to play with.

It comes white.

You see it at winter.

It can turn into ice, slick and wet.

You can play and laugh in the snow.

You won't freeze if you have enough clothes.

I love to eat now, it melts in your mouth,

Your mouth won't freeze if there's not a breeze.

You can make snow angels,

it's like you're a real angel.

Laying as white as can be, looking

up at the sky, blue like the sea.