For Seniors

For Seniors
I completed my FAFSA.  What's next?
This link provides very useful information regarding what happens after you submit the FAFSA.  It is very important that you follow these next steps.  Financial Aid Awards may not be completed until a student is submitted to a college.

Don’t forget to complete your NC Residency Determination if you are applying to NC colleges https://ncresidency. this is how you get a RCN (Residency Certification Number) that many NC college applications will require. Use your CFNC account to apply. Contact 844-319-3640 or 919-835-2290 for troubleshooting.

Community Foundation Gaston County Scholarships - More than two dozen scholarships that recognize achievement, respond to financial need and help to build a future generation of community leaders. The criteria, application process and annual award amounts vary.

FAFSA Video - This link is a great tool that will help you and your parents understand and complete the FAFSA.