Red Ribbon Week 2019



Red Ribbon Week 2019 Door Decorating Contest Winners

                                                               K -2 Winner                                                 3-5 Winner

                                               winner   winner





                                            Red Ribbon Week @ HNSA   

                                                  October 21- 25, 2019

      During Ribbon Week, HNSA will focus on making healthy lifestyle choices with our classroom guidance lessons,  morning announcements, door decorating contest and spirit week.  

      Monday, October 21st

Hugs Not Drugs:  Wear your pjs and/or bring your favorite stuffed animal.


Tuesday, October 22nd 

Have the Power to Stay Drug Free!: Dress as a superhero.


Wednesday, October 23rd

Stand Up, Unite Against Drugs and Bullying:  Wear bring orange.


Thursday, October 24th 

Stand Out- Be the Red Penguin:  Wear Red Day.


Friday, October 25th 

Show Your True Colors:  Wear Tye Dye, colors of the rainbow or your favorite color.