• Grade Point Average (GPA) is a number that indicates how well a student has performed in their classes on average throughout high school.

    GPA is important because it affects a student's ability to take college classes while in high school (dual enrollment), college admissions, and eligibility to graduate with honors/endorsements.

    A student's GPA is calculated by adding all of their courses throughout high school, and dividing it by the number of courses attempted (whether a student earned credit or not).

    There are two types of GPA: weighted GPA includes the extra points for students who take courses that are honors, college, or AP. Unweighted GPA calculates all points on the same scale, no matter the rigor of the course.

    The worksheet to assist students in calculating their GPA is below. Students are also welcome to speak with their School Counselor about their GPA or to request a transcript which will show the student's GPA.

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