• 2022 - 2023 Bag Requirements

    The safety of all students and staff is the top priority at North Gaston High School. For this reason, all North Gaston students must carry only a clear backpack.

    We are committed to making these necessary changes as hassle-free for our families as possible. In that spirit, families will be able to purchase clear backpacks meeting these requirements for $10 at the beginning of the school year. Visit the main office to make your purchase.

    If you do not wish to purchase a backpack from the school but are having trouble finding one, we recommend using one of the following links to help prepare for the upcoming year.  

    Walmart - Clear Bookbags         Amazon - Clear Book Bags         Academy - Clear Book Bags


    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: Why not mesh bags?

    Answer: Mesh bags with various patterns and colors are more difficult to screen and often require staff members to hand search. We are discontinuing their use in the interest of the health and safety of staff and students.

    Question: Do lunch bags have to be transparent too?

    Answer: No, they do not.

    Question: Will small gym/spirit bags, which are not clear, be allowed on campus?

    Answer: No, all gym or spirit bags must be in compliance with the North Gaston clear bag policy. There are various places to purchase these online, but we have provided two links below for your review.

    cnchbag 1ccbag2

    Cinch Bag Purchase Link                               Duffel Bag Purchase Link

    Question: Are transparent colored backpacks allowed?

    Answer: No. Colored transparent backpacks are not allowed. Only fully clear backpacks


    Question: Can the backpack have colored straps?

    Answer: Yes. The backpack may have colored straps.


    Question: Are company or trademarked logos allowed on the front of the backpacks?

    Answer: Small company logos are allowed, but large logos, monograms, or other visual design obstructions are not.

    Question: Can we design or decorate the backpack? 

    Answer: No. Designs or decorations can not hinder the ability to see inside the backpack.

    Question: Will athletic bags and instrument cases, which are not clear, be allowed on campus?

    Answer: Yes, these are permitted, but should be stored in the band room or locker room.

    Question: Are lunch boxes permitted?

    Answer: Yes. Non-clear lunch boxes are permitted to be carried within the backpacks.

    Question: What about purses or pocketbooks?

    Answer: Any purse or pocketbook larger than a composition book is considered a book bag, and will not be permitted unless clear.

    Question: What about makeup bags or small purses?

    Answer: We understand the concern with the privacy of certain items contained within backpacks. Students will be permitted to carry such items in a small makeup pouch within the backpack or a small purse.