School Improvement Team

  • The School Improvement Team is a group of teachers, administrators, and parents who work together to improve Grier Middle School by addressing goals in our School Improvement Plan.

    If you have any questions about school policies or procedures, if you would like to become a SIT member, or you have ideas for school improvements, please contact the school at 704-836-9604.

School Improvement Team Members

Last Name First Name Email Job Title
Adams Dana Parent Representative
Allen Mitch Principal
Carey Yvette Representative -- Classified Staff
Coke Garey Teacher Representative - 8th Grade
Hunter Jasmine Teacher Representative - 8th Grade
Lance Tammy Teacher Representative -- 7th Grade
Lassiter Shayla Student Support Representative
Morgan Monica Teacher Representative - Encore
Newton Angela Instructional Support Representative
Pazyk Elissa Teacher Representative -- Exceptional Children's Department
Sage Shelia Teacher Representative - 6th Grade
Sheehan Susan Parent Representative

Grier Middle School Improvement Plan

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