• Welcome to Bring Your Own Device at Belmont Central!

    Belmont Central Elementary School is a school that allows Bring Your Own Device at our school by Gaston County Schools.  Bring Your Own Device, also called BYOD, allows students to bring many of their own technology devices to school for use in our classrooms.  We will now incorporate laptops, netbooks, tablets and iPods for educational purposes only.  This guide is designed to communicate the expectations of this new initiative at our school.

    Bring Your Own Device is not about which digital tool is used. Rather, it is about the increased connectivity to people, places and things. It matters not which device students use to access information, but it matters that we have provided them both the tools and the instruction for use that they might be productive digital citizens. Creating an engaging digital learning environment that doesn’t know physical boundaries is key in accomplishing the mission of our school.  Our school’s mission is that together we will provide opportunities to be role models who inspire and facilitate the development of diverse students as 21st century learners. Providing this opportunity for students connects them to limitless learning opportunities because they will have access to the most current information on any topic through the Internet and to an online environment where they can communicate, collaborate, create, publish and learn. Teachers will be able to supplement printed resources and provide interactive applications to students like never before.

    Click here for the Mobile Computing Guide.  
    Click here for the Student Permission Form.
    Click here to see the PowerPoint presentation from the Parent Meetings or watch the video belowThe video requires Quicktime.

Belmont Central Bring Your Own Device Video