Lottery Information




    Highland's Preliminary Class of 2022* 


    *This list is the preliminary Class of 2022 at the Highland School of Technology.  These students must meet all of the following criteria to receive a final acceptance letter in June 2018:  be a Gaston County resident, earn a Level III, IV, or V on the 8th grade Reading EOG, earn a Level III, IV, or V on the 8th grade Math EOG or Math I EOC, earn a 70 “C” overall average in 8th grade, maintain a 94% attendance rate and good standing regarding conduct.  


    To attend Highland students must be chosen through a random lottery that happens each year in March. Being chosen during the lottery places the student on a conditionally attending list. The student must still meet the criteria for their 8th grade year to be accepted to attend Highland.  


    Lottery Dates:
    • Application materials will be available online January 26, 2018.
    • Highland's Lottery Open house will be Tuesday, Feb 20, 2018 from 5:30 to 7 p.m..
    • Applications are due February 28. All applications must be delivered, faxed or postmarked to Highland's office by this date. 
    • Lottery is March 15, 2018 at 4 pm in the school auditorium.All prospective students and families are invited to attend.


    Lottery Application Materials - All applications must be submitted on line, faxed or postmarked by February 28.
    Click links below for applying online or printable information files. The application may be submitted online by February 28. Paper applications can be picked up at Highland's front office and then faxed (704-866-6105) or mailed to Highland, postmarked or faxed by February 28. Please fill out either the online application OR pick one up at the front office and fax or mail  to Highland by February 28. 

    All students in the class of 2022 must meet the following criteria to be included in the lottery process:

    Requirements to Apply
    Students  must  meet  these  criteria  to be  include  in the  initial  phase  of the  lottery  process  at the Highland School of Technology:
    • Student and parent/legal guardian must reside in Gaston County.
    • 7th grade overall “C” or 70 numerical grade average
    • 7th grade Reading EOG score at Level III/IV/V. 
    • 7th grade Math EOG score at Level III/IV/V
    • Good standing in conduct for grade seven.
    • Attendance at 94% or above in grade seven (medical exceptions are considered). 
    • Application postmarked by February 28, 2018 
    Requirements for Admission
    Students must meet these criteria to receive final acceptance to the Highland School of Technology or to remain on the waiting list:
    • Student and parent/legal guardian must reside in Gaston County.
    • 8th grade overall “C” or 70 minimum grade average.
    • 8th grade Math EOG at Level III/IV/V or 8th grade Math I EOC at Level III/IV/V.
    • 8th grade Reading EOG at Level III/IV/V.
    • Good standing in conduct for grade eight.
    • Attendance at 94% or above in grade eight (medical exceptions are considered). 
    *Any student from a private, charter, home school, or from any school outside of Gaston County Schools must verify residency with the GCS Student Assignment Office no later than May 1, 2018 to remain on the initially accepted list or waitlist.
    Requirements for Continued Enrollment
    • Student and parent/legal guardian must maintain residency in Gaston County.
    • Maintain a 2.0 grade point average.
    • Maintain good conduct.Maintain at least 94% attendance (medical exceptions are considered).
    Students who withdraw from Highland will not be allowed to re-enroll at Highland unless they go through an administrative appeal process.