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  • Highland:  A Legacy Born of Vision

    Over 20 years ago, our community came together to create something new and different in Gaston County. From this vision, Highland School of Technology was created. Now, two decades later, little did they know that this grand experiment would produce such amazing results.

    Highland is not your typical high school. It was established with a focus on Career and Technical Education pathways, an education where students understand the relationship of all subjects, and the real-world application of what they learn. The investment made by our community was to provide experiences for students and teachers that are above and beyond the “norm."

    Part of the tangible support for this vision was the creation of The Highland Endowment fund. Through this fund, the community provided financial support for this vision. Beginning with $250,000 twenty years ago, this fund provided additional industry-standard classroom equipment and teacher professional development that enables us to provide the expanded educational opportunities critical to our students' education. This original commitment by our community has in turn provided an incredible return on investment. You can continue the Highland legacy by giving to the Highland Investment Fund. Your contribution is vital to our continued success and greatly appreciated.

    Your Opportunity to Invest in the Next Twenty Years

    Highland School of Technology has a rich history of community partnerships and support.  The Highland Endowment Fund was established in 2000, and has directly benefited students, staff and community partners by providing annual student scholarships, enhanced resources, additional training for staff members, and industry-standard classroom equipment.  Through our Investment Fund efforts, we are able to secure funding for the next twenty years.  Current HST students continue to benefit from the support of those who came before them. Our health sciences and computer engineering labs are in need of renovations to continue the long-held tradition of providing our students with industry standard learning environments to prepare them for the future.  Please consider donating to the Highland Investment Fund as we impact student learning and our community together.