• GCS School Nutrition Department


    • Meal Prices
      Student: Pre-K-Fifth Grade $1.40 (Breakfast) | $2.90 (Lunch)

      What is included in a school meal?
      A breakfast meal includes an entree made with grain and/or protein, fat-free or 1% milk, and fruit and/or juice (limit of one juice per meal).  A lunch meal includes an entree made with grain and/or protein, fat-free or 1% milk, vegetable, and fruit. 

      What is the cost for meals?
      Breakfast is $1.40 for students (all grade levels) and $2.00 for adults.  There is no charge for breakfast for students who qualify for reduced-price meals.  Lunch is $2.90 for students in grades K-5 and $3.00 for students in grades 6-12.  The price for adults is $4.00.  The lunch charge is 40 cents for students who qualify for reduced-price meals.  A la carte items are available for purchase on an individual basis.

      Meal Applications
      All students enrolled in the Gaston County Schools are given an opportunity to fill out a Free and Reduced price meal application. This application may be used to qualify families for other benefits such as P-EBT, FCC-EBB, waived fees for ACT/SAT, college applications, academic fees, and other programs.
      To apply, a parent or guardian must complete and sign a Free and Reduced Price Meal application form.  The form must be submitted each year.

    • Student Accounts

    • Checks, Cash, or Money Orders can be accepted in the school cafeterias.

    • Parents/Guardians may utilize Family Portal Link https://family.titank12.com to pay with their credit or debit card.

    • Parents requesting a refund must contact the School Nutrition Free and Reduced Specialist at

    • 704 836-9110 ext. 1. Positive balances remaining at the end of the school year will remain on students’ accounts for the following school year unless a refund is requested.


    • Free and Reduced Meal Application

    • Paper applications are available at the school office, the school cafeteria, and at School Nutrition Center in Lowell. Online applications are available on the Gaston County Schools website. Links can be found on the School Nutrition Department tab. Only one application is required per household.


    • Paper applications should be returned to the school Cafeteria Manager or the School Nutrition Center - 500 Reid Street Lowell, NC 28098.



    • Special Nutrition Needs

    All Students with unique meal time needs is required to have a Diet Order form. Diet Order forms may be obtained from the Cafeteria Manager, the School Nurse, the School Nutrition Center in Lowell, or on School Nutrition page on Gaston County School website (www.gaston.k12.nc.us)

    • The Diet Order form must be signed by a recognized medical authority and returned to the school nurse to submit electronically to the School Nutrition Dietitian mhcameron@gaston.k12.nc.us.


    • Titan Family Portal

    We’re excited to inform you that our meal payments portal, TITAN Family Portal, has been upgraded to LINQ Connect. There’s no need to change your username and password. All your information will be transferred to the new app. Here are some exciting upgrades to enjoy:

    • A simple, fresh look allows for better accessibility

    • An interactive dashboard to view all family members in one profile

    • A resource center to access help guides

    • Streamlined menus help you see more with fewer clicks. 

    Visit your app store and find “LINQ Connect” available in the Google Play Store now and the Apple store available soon to download the new app and enjoy these new features. Just log in with your existing username and password. If you use a browser, visit LINQConnect.com to log in. If you don’t use our online meal payments portal, LINQ Connect allows you to set up one time or recurring payments for your student’s meal. You can also view previous transactions, set spending limits, transfer funds between students, set low-balance notifications and more. It’s an easy way to manage meal payments without the hassle of sending money.


    • Visit Titan Family Portal to make deposits or monitor your student's meal account.
      At no cost, Titan Family Portal enables families to: 

      • Create a free, secured account to manage your student’s cafeteria account 

      • Check your student's current account balance 

      • Monitor the items your student has been purchasing in the cafeteria 

      • Create settings to receive email notifications when the account reaches a low balance

    • For a small program fee of 3.5% per transaction, Titan Family Portal allows any family to:

      • Make a prepayment into your student's meal account using a check, credit card, or debit card at https://family.titank12.com 

      • Funds deposited through K12PaymentCenter are usually available for student use within 24 hours 

      • Create settings to automatically replenish your student's account when it reaches a low balance

    • To create a new account, log onto https://family.titank12.com. Follow the onscreen directions and register your student using his or her Student ID number. The Student ID number can be obtained by contacting your school's Cafeteria Manager or the School Nutrition offices at (704) 836-9110.

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