Graduation Requirements

  • NC CoursoStudy Requirements:


    Students entering thninth grade in 2009-201or later must follow the Future Ready Course of Study to receive a NC high school diploma. 


    Information regarding specific courses offered at South Point High School, course descriptions, and requirements can be found in the GCS High School Curriculum Guide.

     EnoCourse (EOC) Test Requirements:


    Students musearpassinscoreon three essential end ocourse tests: Biology, English 10, and Algebra I.


    Earn 28 credits as required by local standards set forth by the Gaston County Board of Education




     High School Grades

     GCS higschool grades are as follows (students entering 9th grade in 2015-16):

    A = 90 – 100

    B = 80 – 89

    C = 70 – 79

    D = 60 - 69

    F = Below 60      

    Lowespassing gradis 60


    GCS higschool gradinwill bbased on:


    Tests/Major Projects







     Rank In Class


    Eacstudent is ranked by grade level at the end of eacsemester.  A student’s gradpoint average is calculated using a weighted 4.0 scale. ThValedictorian and Salutatorian will bdetermined by the final ranbased ocumulativweighted GPA at the end of the senioyearJunior Marshals will bselected oclasranusing the cumulativweighted GPcalculated during the 5th 6-week gradinperiod of the junior year.



     Weighted Grade Point Average (GPA) Scale (Students entering 9th grade 2015-16 and beyond)


    Regular Courses


    A = 4

    Honors & AP Prep


    A = 4.5

    AdvancePlacement & College Classes


    A = 5

    B = 3

    B = 3.5

    B = 4

    C = 2

    D = 1

    C = 2.5

    D = 1.5

    C = 3

    D = 2

    F = 0

    F = 0

    F = 0


     Honor Graduates

    GCS seniors are eligible for graduation honorbased on their final cumulative weighted GPA:

    Summa cum laude – 4.3+ (gold tassel at graduation, red honor stole)

    Magna cum laude – 4.0 – 4.299 (red tassel at graduation, red honor stole)

    Cum laude – 3.7 – 3.99 (white tassel at graduation, red honor stole)


     Promotion and Graduation Requirements


    To be a Sophomore:    6 units

    To be a Junior:          13 units

    To be a Senior:          20 units

    To Graduate:             28 units, completion of Course of Study, & EOC testing requirements   

    Students earning senior status with the possibility to graduate can be moved up to 12th grade at the beginning of the second semester.  Underclassmen will be moved up to the following grade after the end of second semester.  Adjustments will bmade for thosstudentwho transfer in from a six oseven period day.


    North Carolina Academic Scholars


    Students whseek the Future Ready Coursof Studmay also earn NC AcademiScholarDistinction. This distinction requires additional coursework and a final unweighted cumulativGPo3.5 ohigher. Students whqualify for this honoreceive an honosticker on their diploma. Click here for more information about the NC Academic Scholars Program.


    UNC Minimum Admission Requirements


    To enroll in any of the 16 public colleges or universities in NC, you must meet the NC graduation requirements and meet the UNC Minimum Admission Requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT score.  The minimum high school cumulative weighted GPA is 2.5.  The minimum SAT score is 800 (OLD) / 880 (NEW) and the minimum ACT composite score is 17.


    Minimum Course Load


    The statoNorth Carolina anGaston County Schools require that all students take four coursedaily eacsemester. Students are expected to attend all fouclasses even if the student does noneed thclass to meet graduation requirements. Early release/late arrival will only bpermitted for seniors with hardship cases or special circumstances. Early release/late arrival may comprise a student for disability, social security benefits, child support, and other services. Early release/Late arrival without authorization will result in disciplinary action.


    Class Restrictions


    South Point has courses that require speciaskillsprerequisitesor are limited in classize by law due to safety guidelines. Course availability, grade level, and graduation requirements may alsbe used for selection of a specific course.


    Special Needs


    In addition to thregular curriculum, South Point provides instruction for students whhavspecial educational needsPlacement ibased on tesscores, teacher recommendation, anplacement committee evaluations.