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  • For Freshmen - Commissioners' School of Excellence
    The James S. Forrester Commissioners’ School of Excellence is a two-week summer residential experience that challenges selected participants to better understand themselves, life in Gaston county, and their roles as future leaders. Through seminars, problem-solving activities, simulation, field trips to visit community leaders, guest speakers, and “hands-on” experiences,students examine issues relevant to their future and the future of Gaston County. In the past, Commissioners’ School has explored topics related to issues in ecology, technology and its effect on the future, leadership through community involvement, the arts and its impact on culture and society, and effective leadership qualities.

    The application window is January 27-February 14. Students wanting to apply need to see their school counselor for an application. Each school will set a date for students to write the essay at school.

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  • For Seniors
    I completed my FAFSA.  What's next?
    This link provides very useful information regarding what happens after you submit the FAFSA.  It is very important that you follow these next steps.  Financial Aid Awards may not be completed until a student is submitted to a college.

    Don’t forget to complete your NC Residency Determination if you are applying to NC colleges https://ncresidency. cfnc.org/residencyInfo this is how you get a RCN (Residency Certification Number) that many NC college applications will require. Use your CFNC account to apply. Contact 844-319-3640 or 919-835-2290 for troubleshooting.

    Community Foundation Gaston County Scholarships - More than two dozen scholarships that recognize achievement, respond to financial need and help to build a future generation of community leaders. The criteria, application process and annual award amounts vary.

    FAFSA Video - This link is a great tool that will help you and your parents understand and complete the FAFSA.

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  • Directions for Understanding your PSAT
    Your PSAT/NMSQT scores will online by December 11, 2019. You'll have an email from College Board with instructions on creating your account and using your access code to view your scores.

    Follow these steps:

    Go to https://collegereadiness.collegeboard.org/psat-nmsqt-psat-10 and watch the video take the video tour of how to read your score report.

    Sign or create your CollegeBoard account.

    Get your full report online at studentscores.collegeboard.org.

    Follow the prompts and use your Access Code found on the front of your score report to link your PSAT scores to your account.

    Click on the Khan Academy link, share your PSAT scores with Khan Academy, and start practicing. Khan Academy is the best way to practice for the SAT.

    Be organized! Create a folder in which to keep your PSAT and SAT score reports.

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