• South Point High School Library Policies and Procedures

    General Guidelines

    · Students are welcome in the library any time they are free to come.

    · Individual students coming to the library from classrooms must have a pass from their classroom teacher. 

    · Students must show their pass to the library assistant at the circulation desk and sign in.

    · Never hesitate to ask for help when you need it.

    · Please maintain an atmosphere such as will permit everyone in the library to work or read undisturbed.

    · Computer workstations are for educational research only.  No personal email is to be sent/checked and instant messenger sites or chat rooms are not to be visited.

    · Food or drinks are not allowed in the library! 


    Circulation Guidelines

    · Books are on loan for 2 weeks and may be renewed one time when necessary.

    · Freshmen students will be limited to two books unless approved by the librarian.

    · No overdue fines are charged, BUT any student who loses a book must pay the full price necessary to replace the book.

    · Any student who has an overdue library book may not check out another book unless approved by a librarian.

    · Students who have an overdue book may not purchase a ticket to prom or be approved to attend prom with someone else.

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