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  • Please feel free to contact your                                                                   
    teacher during their planning times.
    Phone Number: 704-836-9603
    Planning Period Times: 1:55 - 3:30 pm

    Friday Planning Times:1:17 - 2:37 pm


    We will have an alternate schedule on Fridays.  Please email your teacher with any questions or concerns.

    Resources from 8th Grade Teachers
    Encouraging Middle Schoolers to Read
    Parent-Teacher Conference Guide for Middle School                                                                                 

Eighth Grade

Last Name First Name Subject Email Website
Bednarik Trista Math website
Devine Heather Math / Science
Julen Sam Science / Social Studies
Lawing Madison Social Studies
Lowe Kerri Science/Social Studies website
Luksa Kerri Language Arts website
McCarey Morgan Language Arts
Mecaughey Maddy English Language Arts
Russell Angela English Language Arts / SS
Simpson Caroline EC
Stadler Roxanne Math
Steele Lindsey Math website